Im a Game Designer & creator of interactive Adventures and Films based in Berlin.

I have been making games as a hobby since i am able to talk.
I love to work on interesting ideas and make them into compelling prototypes, people enjoy playing, because the media of games is able evoke emotions through it's interactivity like no other.

Core Skills:

  • - Game Design
  • - Level Design
  • - Mechanic Design
  • - Prototyping
  • - Teammanagement
In order to produce compelling game experiences and solid prototypes I can draw on a broad skillset of game development skills such as:
programming with (Unity C#), 3D Asset creation(Maya, Substance Painter) and 2D Graphic Design/Asset Creation (Photoshop).

I’m interested in history and architecture, playing the guitar and I like cycling in order to enjoy natures beauty and escape the fast-moving city of berlin.

Also i'm a Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons and use my spare time to write campaigns, short stories or plays. Once or twice a year I get together with friends in order to produce a new movie or short film.

And at the end of the day I really enjoy speding my evening reading phantasy, science fiction, historical novels or classic literature.

My Journey

Creating Adventures and telling Stories

Since I am able to communicate I create games, invent stories and adventures. At first only in my head or in conversations, later on paper with my bad handwriting.

So I told myself really early to use Microsoft's Office software to create HTML and PowerPoint games. I founded my first game making club in school and we produced some really nice PowerPoint-adventures in a wild west setting.

One year on christmas, I got my first video camera and started making little movies to tell stories. The projects got bigger and bigger. I wrote my own scripts and tried lots of different genres.

Also, around this time, I got an USB-Stick from a friend in school containing an old version of game maker. My ten-year-old me with a really small amount of English vocabulary discovered the logic behind programming trough visual scripting with lots of try and error.

I had many ideas in my mind of games I wanted to make. The visual scripting in GMK was very limited. So after I reached the capacity of what was possible I started writing real scripts and logic.

Gathering Experience Digital Media

At the age of 12 told myself using Photoshop to create 2D visuals for my games, Premiere and After Effects for editing my movies.

When I got 14, me and a friend told ourselves how to write HTML, CSS, PHP and some JS. In combination with MySQL we were able to launch a small social network called “SheepAsk”.

It got kind of popular within our friends and first time seeing complete strangers register at your webpage was a really weird feeling. The Website was not alive for a long time, and “SheepAsk 2.0” never saw the light of day.

I started learning C++ but recognized that I didn’t wanted to become a software programmer.

Minecraft as a Platform for Games

Instead I started inventing minigames as modifications for Minecraft, together with programmers that wrote the games in java and lots of different people making maps and other art trough and for Minecraft for some years.

During this period, I learned a lot about team-managing and creation of 3D worlds. I managed the creation of the second biggest german Minecraft-server at that time, Launched an MMORPG project based on Minecraft and some time later got featured on (the official website) in a blogpost about my team.

The work was really time consuming and I did not have much left for creating games on my own and also school started to steal some time. So I radically reduced the time I spent for my Minecraft releated projects.

Back to the Roots

I started working more on real games, challenged myself with my “A game in 2 weeks Challenge” (you can read more about it in my blog-post). I started studying Game Design in order to sharpen my skills in using the environment of games to convey stories and experience trough.