Corona World


Shortly after the lockdown started, the people from browser ballet reached out to me with the idea to make a game about Covid19.

Of course the game had to be done quickly so the topic was contemporary and new, so I gathered together a small team.

My Part:

  • Creative Direction & Project Lead
  • 2D Grafic Design
  • Environmental Design
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the publication video by browser ballet

The girls and guys from the browser ballet team are known for their satiric content so the game had to fit their special kind of humor as well.

They already brought a simple concept to the table which helped us to base all our design on it.

We had the freedom to add a lot of our own ideas which we considered suitable and which ensured to make the game a coherent experience.

I spend a lot of time on the project overseeing the general direction but also had to put in a lot of work in the visual style.

Since I'm not that experienced in creating new artstyles for games, I had to invest some time in understanding and developing our the visual language of the game.

The final style lives on a small brink between communicating interacivity as well as importance and presenting the general mood they wished for.