Volunteer Management @gamesweekberlin2019


The gamesweekberlin is the leading cross-industry communication and networking platform for games business, development and culture in Europe. Over seven days, the umbrella brand combines multiple events for industry representatives and game enthusiasts alike.

I had to organize the team of hundred volunteers. Managing setup for workshops, stages and exhibitions at the gamesweekberlin 2019.

My Part:

  • (Communication!)
  • Planning volunteer shifts
  • Coordination for stages, workshops and exhibitions
  • Shaping volunteer experience
  • Coordinating setup
  • Managing the volunteer-team
  • Solving problems
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Stage 2 on QUO VADIS
Workshop during Womenize
Playing games on stage at the Gamefest
Talking and playing boardgames
Pictures by Grzegorz Karkoszka & Jonas Persson