Irina 28-07-37


A young female soldier wakes up without memory on a battlefield among robot parts and human corpses. Wounded and alone, she scours the military base in search of other survivors. But what she finds makes her doubt everything she thought she knew.

My Part:

  • Co-Director
  • Co-Author
  • Visual Effects
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The idea for Irina came with the insane plan to make a science fiction film on a low budget.

The image of a woman staring stunned at robot parts in her own arm was the starting point for a story that would be about the question of humanity.

The film deals with being different, and uses the distinction between humans and robots as an example for all the various forms of exclusion and racism.

We were aware that a science fiction film has to convince in two elements in particular: the production design and the visual effect.

We had rented a bunker that is normally used as a venue for festivities.

Emptying the bunker was one thing, but making it look convincingly like a military base was quite another.

We needed robots, furnishings, practicals, hoses, cables, etc.

In post-production, the visual effects became our biggest challenge.

While effects like the fire or the electric flash worked quickly, the robot arm of our protagonist turned out to be tricky.

In the end, I had to spend a considerable amount of time learning more complex tracking methods, software and compositing techniques.

In the end, it was still a valuable learning experience.

In the end, the daring project only worked thanks to a great team that contributed all the important things that breathe life into the story during our long day of shooting.

Despite all the challenges, mistakes and misjudgments and misjudgments, we are proud of our film, which has nothing to hide, especially on the big screen. Especially on the big screen.

Not only did it allow us to try out one of our favorite genres, but we'll take our experience with us into all future projects, no matter how big or small or how difficult to realize they may seem.