All That Lies Below


All That Lies Below is a pixelart adventure mining game.

Step into the shoes of John, who, in a desperate attempt to pay the families debts, sets out on a journey to discover riches deep underground.

This project was my bachelor project developed in a duo.

My Part:

  • Game Design
  • Game Art
  • Game Code
  • Sound Design
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mining gameplay + stability system at work

A big goal of the project was to tie interesting mechanics together with an immersive atmosphere and story.

For that part, a friend of mine took care of writing texts and a voice actress dubbed that it for us.

After taking care of the core gameplay we carefully added layers of features and content on top.

Instead of going down roads other games have been proven to work, we instead focussed on making this layers support the fantasy of being a miner.

Since the time for our bachelor project was really limited we used the last weeks to add content that makes use of the systems and mechanics we had set up the previous weeks.

Differently themed areas with their own visual style, unique objects and small narratives.

The narrative is about the idea of digging deeper and deeper underground, about the self-conviction that what we do is important, and about the lies we tell ourselves and others because of it.

For me, the project is both an opportunity for self-reflection on our own actions and on my view of game design and game development.