Windwalker is an 3D exploration game, where you glide through a world of flying islands, uncover it's sectrets and solve small puzzles.

My Part:

  • Lead Design
  • Mechanic Design
  • Puzzle Design
  • Narrative Design
  • Prototyping using Blueprints
  • 2D Art
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the start of the game at vers. 0.5

Since we were a bigger team, I invested a lot of time in organising the design workflows and helping out the other designers.

Nevertheless I still managed to find some time taking over some parts of the hands-on design myself.

In the end I'm happy that I was able to design mechachnics for the puzzles, spend some time with the narrative and cutscnenes and did some level design as well.

I had great fun prototyping with the blueptrint system in unreal.

It's flexibility allowed for fast itterations and a creation process that was very close to the experience all the time.

The straightforward useability made it easy to show how the on-paper system actually work in engine.